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Pimpernel Placemats are Art for the Table

Pimpernel hardboard, cork-backed placemats and coasters are known for their captivating artwork. Suitable for every day, they are scuff-resistant and easy care. Dress your table with Pimpernel art for your table.

Pimpernel Antique Rose Linen

Antique Rose Linen

Pimpernel Antique Roses

Antique Roses

Pimpernel Antiquities


Pimpernel Artisanal Breads

Artisanal Breads

Pimpernel Artisanal Wine

Artisanal Wine

Pimpernel Blue Croc

Blue Croc

Pimpernel Botanical Orchid

Botanical Orchid

Pimpernel Cafe de Fleurs

Cafe de Fleurs

Pimpernel Cafe de Paris

Cafe de Paris

Pimpernel Chevron


Pimpernel Chic Ornaments

Chic Ornaments

Pimpernel Christmas Sentiments

Christmas Sentiments

Pimpernel Christmas Wish

Christmas Wish

Pimpernel Classic Black

Classic Black

Pimpernel Classic Burgundy

Classic Burgundy

Pimpernel Classic Cream

Classic Cream

Pimpernel Classic Emerald

Classic Emerald

Pimpernel Classic Midnight Blue

Classic Midnight Blue

Pimpernel Country Touch

Country Touch

Pimpernel Couture Fruits

Couture Fruits

Pimpernel Damask


Pimpernel Dandelion Clocks

Dandelion Clocks

Pimpernel Dans le Jardin

Dans le Jardin

Pimpernel Destination Paris

Destination Paris

Pimpernel Driftwood


Pimpernel Endless Summer

Endless Summer

Pimpernel Etchings and Roses

Etchings and Roses

Pimpernel Fleur de Lys Taupe and Gold

Fleur de Lys Taupe and Gold

Pimpernel Fleurs des Champs

Fleurs des Champs

Pimpernel Floral Offering

Floral Offering

Pimpernel Golden Pineapple

Golden Pineapple

Pimpernel Grassy Meadow

Grassy Meadow

Pimpernel Historic Charleston

Historic Charleston

Pimpernel Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Pimpernel Hooker Fruits

Hooker Fruits

Pimpernel Iris Squares

Iris Squares

Pimpernel Lodge


Pimpernel Make a Wish

Make a Wish

Pimpernel Marigold


Pimpernel Marthas Choice

Marthas Choice

Pimpernel Paisley Sentiments

Paisley Sentiments

Pimpernel Parisian Scenes

Parisian Scenes

Pimpernel Peacock Tapestry

Peacock Tapestry

Pimpernel Poppy de Villeneuve

Poppy de Villeneuve

Pimpernel Porcelain Garden

Porcelain Garden

Pimpernel Pure


Pimpernel Royal Delights

Royal Delights

Pimpernel Royal Horticultural Society

Royal Horticultural Society

Pimpernel Shagreen Leather

Shagreen Leather

Pimpernel Silver


Pimpernel Sky


Pimpernel Strawberry Thief

Strawberry Thief

Pimpernel Sugar Magnolia

Sugar Magnolia

Pimpernel Tally Ho

Tally Ho

Pimpernel The French Cellar

The French Cellar

Pimpernel Tropical Delight

Tropical Delight

Pimpernel Tropical Palm

Tropical Palm

Pimpernel Tuscan Palette

Tuscan Palette

Pimpernel Tuscany


Pimpernel Union Jack

Union Jack

Pimpernel Venetian Scenes

Venetian Scenes

Pimpernel Vin de France

Vin de France

Pimpernel Vintage Toile

Vintage Toile

Pimpernel Vintage World Map

Vintage World Map

Pimpernel Walnut Burlap

Walnut Burlap